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  • Why the SEO Industry Changes So Often : Spammers, Social Media, Search Technology and New Constant Innovation
  • The Next Generation of Ranking Signals : Domain authority + Diversity of linking domains + Topic modeling + Anchor text + Domain name + PageRank + On-Page - Bài này có nói luôn mấy năm trước đã update những phần nào
  • SEO Factors and Trends: What happened in 2010 and what to expect in 2011 : Local Search, Branded Search, Website Speed, Click-through  - bài hay, nên đọc để hiểu xu hướng

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  • Don’t put all your eggs in Google’s basket. - Phỏng vấn  Expert SEO , Matt McGee, Search Engine Land’s Executive News Editor and the editor of her sister site, Sphinn  : Đọc bài này thấy các công ty lớn ở Việt Nam chẳng khác gì công ty ở Mỹ, gặp rất nhiều lỗi cơ bản về onsite, cũng phải thuyết phục nhiều phòng ban trong quá trình làm việc để họ sửa  "SEO is all about trust. "
  • Tư liệu SEO cho website thương mại điện tử : How Became the SEO-Smartest Retailer Online
  • Digital Advertising and Common Sense: Duncan Watts, a principal research scientist at Yahoo:  It showed data about how there is this massive effect that search ads have on visits to the website, online purchasing, and in-store purchasing. You look at these numbers and think, “Wow, search ads are way more effective than display ads. Why would I bother with display ads?” - bạn này mồm năm miệng mười về đo lường hiệu quả tại đây 
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  • How Much SEOs Spend On Education & Learning ~  Many spend well over $2,500 annually while many also won't spend a dime on education.
  • Google nói phét giỏi chứ làm còn kém hơn Bing ~ It became abundantly clear that Panda does not work by filtering out individual low quality content as was originally implied. It works by punishing entire domain names if an undetermined percentage of the content on that site meets the undefined "low-quality" criteria.
  • Google Farmer update : tiếp tục nóng bỏng
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